Short Format List of IOTA Groups and Reference Numbers

Please note that for participation in the IOTA Honour Roll and Annual Listing you will need to have purchased an IOTA Directory as this contains a serial number which becomes your IOTA membership number. The IOTA Directory contains considerable additional information, not only on the rules and the background to the programme, but also on the island groups including approximate geographical co-ordinates and examples of qualifying islands.

The English language IOTA Directory and Yearbook is available from the RSGB, or, for North American purchasers, from Dewitt L. Jones, W4BAA, PO Box 8695, Lacey, WA 98509, USA at US$16 post-paid.

Foreign language versions are available as follows:

  • French - from Les Nouvelles DX, c/o Jean Michel Duthilleul, F6AJA, 515 Rue du Petit Hem, F-59870 Bouvignies, France. Price 50FF for France and DOM-TOM. Make cheques payable to LNDX.
  • German - from Hans-Georg Gobel, DK1RV, Postfach 1114, D-57235, Netphen, Germany. Price 18 DM.
  • Italian - from Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ, Corso Novara 39, I-10154, Torino-TO, Italy. Price 32,000 Lit.
  • Japanese - from CQ Ham Radio, 14-2 Sugamo 1-chome, Toshima, Tokyo 170, Japan. Price 1500 Yen.
  • Polish - from Dr Rafal Krawiec, SP6TPM, PO Box 22, PL-48100 Glubczyce, Poland. Price 15 New Zl.
  • Portuguese - from Luis Sutil Teixeira, CT4NH, Rua Visconde Moreira de Rey 1, Carnaxide, P-2795 Linda-a-Velha, Portugal. Price 1500 Esc. in Portugal, US$15 elsewhere.
  • Russian - from Victor Russinov, UT8LL, PO Box 44, 310052 Kharkov, Ukraine. Price 6 IRCs in Ukraine, 8 IRCs in Russia and other CIS countries, 12 IRCs elsewhere.
  • Spanish - from URE-Programa IOTA, Apartado Postal 220, E-28080 Madrid, Spain. Price 1500 Pesetas for URE members, 2000 Pesetas for non-members and South America.

In some cases the foreign language versions contain the Directory section without the Yearbook elements.

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